Restaurant Bahía Mediterráneo


Dress Code: Elegant

The name connects everything that defines this first-class restaurant. An excellent location by the harbour and an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Whether seafood, dry-aged beef or healthy low-carb dishes – thanks to chef Klaus Brunmayr, everything is a culinary delight. And in the luxurious ambience of the 1930s, elegantly combined with modern elements, you feel like on a timeless journey through the night.

What could be more fitting than to celebrate the opening ceremony of Mallorca Fashion Week 2019 here and get in the mood to spend the next few days together?

D. Paseo Marítimo, 33 | fifth floor (private elevator).

T. +34 971 457 653

Hotel Gran Melià Victoria


Official venue for the fashion shows with a special side program

  • 15.00 hrs Mini Fashion Village (Congress Building)
  • 18.00 hrs Fashion Show
  • 20.00 hrs Meet & Greet in the Kissing Room (Sala Greco)

Wonderful sea views, an exquisite location directly on the harbour promenade, traditional luxury and modern elegance: the 5-star Hotel Gran Meliá Victoria offers a truly unique experience – and thus the ideal setting for the opening of Mallorca Fashion Week.

On one of the terraces with the unique view of the bay of Palma and the cathedral you can not only enjoy the exquisite cuisine and the bar service, but also look forward to extraordinary, exciting and luxurious around the fashion theme.

While the Hotel Gran Meliá Victoria looks back on a long history and inspires with its timeless, classical elegance, the still (relatively) young Palma Fashion Week combines classical styles with modern and sometimes futuristic, but no less elegant creations on the catwalk.

D. Avenida Joan Miró, 21 | 07014 Palma

T. +34 971 732 542



21h After-Party Masquerade
Dress Code: Gala & Masks

Abaco Bar is located in the heart of the old town of Palma and is probably Mallorca’s most remarkable bar. If you walk through the old wooden doors of Abaco, you will be transported back in time to an era of splendour and abundance.

Decorated with flowers and fruits, this place is a must-visit for its special architecture, decoration, ambience and classical music. A perfect place to hold a mask party and mix modern with vintage, style with class. And probably to celebrate the last great moment of Abaco before this era comes to an end, as the legendary bar closes its doors forever right after this party.

Further program highlights:

  • Pre-view of the collection by designer Francis Montesinos
  • A part of the income goes to the organization Proyecto Hombre

D. C/San Juan, 1 | Palma de Mallorca

T. +34 971 714 939

Galería Gerhardt Braun ART PALACE


21h Official Closing-Party with Resident DJ Ibiza
Dress Code: Funky

Gerhardt Braun Gallery shows contemporary, fresh artists from Mallorca, Spain and all over the world.The Gallery was founded 2007 in Calle Sant Feliu with one exhibition space. By now it has opened five locations on the Balearic islands.

GERHARDT BRAUN GALLERY ART PALACE is located in a Mannerism palace in the vivid heart of Palma de Mallorca. The palace’s characteristics were being maintained so that each of the gallery’s rooms has its own peculiarities. The art works are embedded in this special environment.

What could be more obvious than to combine art on canvas and art on and with other materials in order to enrich, impress, open and inspire the mind in another, quieter way? A perfect place to end exciting, creative and eventful days in style and artwork.

D. C/ Sant Feliu 10 | 07012 Palma de Mallorca

T. +34 971 718 787

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