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Designer Santiago Bandrés graduated in Fashion in 1992 by the Polytechnic University of Madrid in its second promotion.

He reinforces his learning with the studies of the Balenciaga school for four years, learning the teacher's method.

A student of the history of costume and fashion, passionate about art, Bandrés is an open, down to earth friendly professional and great communicator like it has been shown at his fashion conferences being invited by the prestigious FIT University of New York or through his appearances in different television and radio programs .

Bandrés receives in 2012 the Artisan Prize of the Community of Madrid.

In 1992, he opened his studio in Madrid, presenting his first collection as a sewing-room until 1997 when he moved to New York for six years to build a multifunctional space atelier-gallery in Tribeka, where his collections are surrounded by exhibitions of painting and photography of international artists.

In 2.002 he returned to Madrid, reopening his house of Sewing, the nucleus where his collections are made, orders are placed and from where the tests are done so that will be carried out in the different countries of his international clients.

Bandrés always personally looks after the tests of his national and international clients.

Bandrés, follower and a student of the Balenciaga method, other methods of sewing like Madame Vionet in the bias cut, Madame Gres in the drape or the vision of Saint Laurent in the female tailoring with masculine flair, inspire his work.

Bandrés considers that the history of fashion and its knowledge, are the basis of work and inspiration to be able to evolve in his own design.

Always in pursuit of design perfection and finishes, personalized to the character and spirit of each of his sewing clients.

Considering each client as her muse, Bandrés rejoices in silhouettes and colors, proposing fabrics of the widest range and variety, to create a unique and personalized design, blending his dream world with the needs and aesthetic taste of his client.

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