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'The most radical modernity lies in the pure classic'

Thanks to the enthusiasm and concern of its founder and creative director, Roberto Diz (August 10, 1973 in Tuy, Pontevedra), the brand has presence in the national fashion universe. The magic of his style makes some identify him as the designer of the Andalusian high society ... others, like the sophisticated “macarra” (thug). This fashion creator, started with only six years of age designing his first collection. He is responsible for designing each of the firm's collections, and is undoubtedly responsible for renewing the designs of current brides and guests.

Roberto Diz has established himself as one of the nuptial referents among the fashion companies of the moment, with a clean and perfect garment, using high quality materials. The firm is constantly immersed in different professional projects, without neglecting its exquisite tailor-made tailoring.

The firm, created in 2002, has always stood out between the classic and the modern, offering a sophisticated, elegant woman and with a lot of personality. Over more than a decade, the company has been growing and increasing its line of business. His designs have been shown in London, Paris, Tokyo and in the most important catwalks in Spain (Circuit, Cibeles, Pasarela Gaudí, Pasarela Abierta).

In the winter of 2004 a series of collaborations with the house Elio Berhanyer began, for which he designed the collections of the fall-winter seasons 2005/06 and 2006/07, presented at the Cibeles runway with great press and public success.

In 2008, at the South Cádiz Fashion Festival, Roberto Diz presented his collections Epidermia and Osamenta, which together with Muscl3 Lanscap3s, presented in Pasarela Abierta, are part of his personal project of collections without temporality, where the designer reflected his vision on the Being Human: a review of his entire creative career with pieces ranging from the most absolute provocation of his fashion-shows to the most conventional designs.

In 2010 the brand moved its headquarters to Seville, where the designer participated as creative director of the project "The New Truth of Leather" and presented his collections Unstructur3d and Vertigo. In 2012 and 2013 Roberto Diz designed female collections of the Style Masters Show Revlon Professional.

In November 2014 he presented, in Seville, the collection Eurypharynx Pelecandoides and in October 2015 he showed his collection #1492.

In the past year 2016, Roberto Diz received the Prix Marie Claire Prize for the best national designer.

In addition to fashion, Roberto Diz has collaborated with professionals from different artistic disciplines such as music, cinema or photography, participating in the production of video- clips or publishing his work as a photographer in different headers.

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