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Marcel Ostertag (born 1979 in Berchtesgaden) is a German fashion designer as well as the name of the fashion label founded by him in 2006.

Marcel Ostertag is a doer and personifies his own brand with his name. He gets inspired by the fast paced & pulsating streets of Berlin where he settled down with his headquarter in 2016. Here he unifies his love for traditional influences and his modern interpretations of it. Marcel learned the main part of his fashion expertise at the well known Central St. Martin College in London and refined his knowledge with diverse international collaborations and fashion shows. When establishing his own label back in 2006, Marcel finally realized his main vision of having a sustainable production, high quality materials and fair production conditions which he stands with his name for. High quality due to perfect controlling, this is what you get & immediately feel while having a piece of Marcel Ostertag in your hand.

Ostertag began learning ballet at the age of five, he went to the Salzburg State Theater and later to the Vienna State Opera for 13 years. After he had to stop due to an injury, he attended briefly the ESMOD fashion school in Münich and then studied at Central Saint Martins College in London, where he made a bachelor's degree in 2004 and was awarded a prize for his men's fashion graduation collection.

He completed the subsequent master's degree program in 2006. In the same year he founded his own fashion company, Marcel Ostertag GmbH in Munich. At the beginning there was a cooperation with the Viennese designer Martina Rogy, whom he had met at the ESMOD, they opened two shops named Rogy & Ostertag in Münich and Vienna (closed at the beginning of 2008).

2006 - His collections for ladies and gentlemen showed Ostertag 2006 at London Fashion Week.

2007 – He won the Moet & Chandon Fashion Debut Award in Berlin, which allowed him to participate in Berlin Fashion Week.

2008 – At Easter Day 2008 he won the Karstadt New Generation Award. His men's fashion collection set Ostertag 2008; since then he has been concentrating on women's fashion.

2009 - He entered into a cooperation with Karstadt about a fashion collection for the department store.

2013 – He won the TV Fashion Competition "Fashion Hero" on ProSieben; Karstadt then bought his collection presented in the program.

2016 - On February the 1st 2016, Ostertag moved its headquarters from Münich to Berlin. In February 2016 he showed his collection for the first time at New York Fashion Week. The participation enabled him to enter a sponsored programme called DHL Exported in collaboration with the organizer of NYFW. Ostertag gives great importance to the Made in Germany label and therefore has its fashion manufactured in East Germany, and deliberately not abroad, for example in Asia.

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