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Anderson started making clothes when he was a child. After attending the North Carolina School of Arts and the Institute of Fashion Technology (FIT) in New York, Frederick partnered with Douglas Hannant and created a company called Anderson Hannant. “We went to FIT together. I ran the company. I did many things to grow the company. ” He said that although he was a great Douglas designer, he no longer wanted to continue designing. “I always wanted to spend time in Europe, not just in the United States. The US market is a bit confused, they have a different idea of what luxury is. In Europe they understand what luxury means, it is more a way of life there. "

Frederick Anderson has lived in the heart and soul of the fashion world for the past twenty years. First, as owner and co-founder of the collection of designer Douglas Hannant. In the DH Collection, Frederick developed one of the most exclusive fashion lines in a powerful brand, launching extensions such as the dissemination of the Douglas Hannant Pink collection (Neimans, Saks, Nordstroms, Hudson Bay, Bloomingsdales, Hold Renfrew, Lane Crawford, Boutique 1, and many shopping centers in the Saudarabia regions), the Bridal, Furi and party collections joining with perfumeries like Robert Piguet to create Robert Piguet's Douglas Hannant, which is still being sold by luxury retailers worldwide.

After leaving DH Collection in 2014, Frederick made the launch and became the president of the Hanley Mellon collection, a contemporary high collection that was sold to Bloomingdales and boutiques in the US.

During his stay in the Hanley / Hanley Mellon collection, Frederick decided to create his own collection signed by him that was launched in February 2017 with his fall 2017 collection called: “Black Like Me” (“Black Like Me”) that had a great recognition by fashion critics. Now he is starting his personal history as a designer. Frederick Anderson launched his namesake brand, Frederick Anderson Collection, last winter. His first collection, Black Like Me, featured its characteristic narrow shifts, boots cut pants and custom jackets, all in black. In June 2017, Anderson launched Hamptons Whites, a series of luxurious white garments that are appropriate for both the city and the Hamptons.

"My brand is a collection of elegant, modern and simple ideas to improve your personal style," says Anderson. "I think style is your conversation with the world. I've always liked thin silhouettes and fashion effortlessly. I also spend most of my time with women between 30 and 50 years old, so that's who I've seen. I am in the center and in the upper part of the city when I am in New York City, and when I am not, I travel all over the world. All these influences are part of my history".

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